"And ye shall be witness unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth." Acts 1:8

The heartbeat of any church is easily seen by the emphasis that they put on missions. The heartbeat of Heritage Baptist Church is definitely missions. The letters that line the wall in the auditorium are a constant reminder that there are nearly two billion people who have never heard the gospel. The Pastor along with the members are trying to make sure that number goes down by supporting missionaries through finances, prayer, and any other means possible.

Heritage has over 100 mission projects they currently support all over the world. In 2012 over $160,000 was given to missions. Heritage Baptist church, in a very short time of existence as a church, is now known as a mission minded church.

Plans to increase missions awareness are always going on. Several times a year there are emphasizes on missionaries along with mission trips, missionary guest speakers, and a mission conference. Pastor knows that if you want to have a heart for God you must have a heart for missions.

Did you know?

  • The world’s population is currently 6,544,246,669 and is expected to exceed 7 billion in this year. There are 243 countries on this earth and approximately 6,800 languages spoken around the world of which 2,261 have written languages. It takes the average person one year of hard study to learn a new language.

  • There are approximately 2 billion people who have not been reached with the gospel of Christ. Ninety percent of these unreached people groups live in what is called the “10/40 window”. This is the vast area extending from 10 degrees to 40 degrees above the equator. There are approximately 2000 unreached people groups in the 10/40 window, and a number of these are the people of the Middle East.

  • If every person would lead another person to Christ each year and each of those converts would lead another to Christ each year as well; the whole world would be reached in 33 years.